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Quality and Innovation

Quality for us, means innovation, both are part of the historical course of business development

The company has consolidated skills and knowledge that can help you meet quickly all the requirements of the most demanding customers excellent quality for all kinds of construction, using highly qualified personnel and a flexible organization able to respond to the constant developments demanded by the market not only in production field; but also in terms of the service provided.

The practice of quality begins with the assessment of the request of potential customers through analysis of feasibility, process control plan, that will oversee the production cycle monitoring until final inspection Product, with its issuance of inspection certificates. The stages of product development are: sampling, pre-series and series production.

Each batch is identified with a casting number allowing traceability. The control of each stage of the process is carried out by qualified technical employees, in accordance with the technical standards and procedures.

The support activities, carried out in close collaboration with the customer, it is essential to get the best results in terms of product quality and customer satisfaction.

Fonderia di Lonato is certified UNI-EN-ISO 9001:2015 not only for production but also for the design of castings.

IQnet – ISO 9001:2015 – Whole site (download pdf)
SQS – ISO 9001:2015  – Whole site (download pdf)
Lloyd’s Register – Casting in Grey Iron (download pdf)

Metallographic and chemical analysis laboratories, metrology room

The three laboratories are equipped with various equipment and instrumentation that enable effective monitoring and control of production and finished products. In the workshops are:


  • Spettrometre OBLF
  • Horiba EMGA 620 W/C: N-O analyzer
  • Horiba Eima 320 V: C-S analyzer
  • n.2 Heraeus Electro-Nite (Tec Tip)
  • Spettrometre Arun Spek Neo multi-matrix for analsys Fe, Ni, Co, Cu
  • Thermo Scientific Niton XL2 Series x-ray fluorescence (XRF)


  • Microscopes: Nikon SMZ2T, Epiphot 200, Leitz Reichert MeF3
  • Hardeness Tester: Futur Tech (HRc),  WPM (HPO 3000, HBW 3000 kg),Wolpert 2RC (HV10/30 – HBW 187,5 kg)
  • Stiefelmayer-Reicherter KL3, Future Tech Fu 310 (HV)
  • Desktop scanning electron microscope SEM Phenom Prox
  • Digital microscope Nikon Eclipse MA200
  • Stereoscope Nikon Type 104


  • Granite top DiaBase Borletti 1200 x 800 mm
  • Voegel Digital height gauge
  • Digital calipers various
  • Muffle Furnace for sands calcining test
  • Set of sieves for sands granulometric testing
  • Furnace for dimensional inspection of austenitic grain Kappa 1/N Model
  • Romer Absolute arm Hexagon, portable

Scanning electron microscope SEM Phenom ProX

With the scanning electron microscope SEM Phenom ProX we can examine the micrographic structure of our review the special alloy casts by identifying possible anomalies.

With magnifications up to 130,000 X and resolution < 10nm we can analyse the structure at a specific point and any abnormalities causing the chemical composition both in percentage terms that atomic weight of the elements. This type of control allows us to optimize the composition of our special alloys and, with appropriate and specific fixes, any faults present in the alloy.

It is also a tool that allows us to respond in a timely manner to the specific requirements of our clients, analysing in particular the use of the products and carry on suitable materials to those particular needs.

Digital microscope for metal surface analysis and inspection.

Eclipse MA200 – Nikon’s most advanced metallurgical microscope.

Fonderia di Lonato introduced a new tool in the metallographic analysis laboratory: Eclipse MA200, an inverted metallographic digital microscope capable of examining specimens up to 1000 magnifications. Through the new image analysis software it is possible to store information on a computer and process it. For example, it is very simple to identify the circularity index of the spheroids in a nodular cast iron or the shape and distribution of the oxides in the steels.

Niton ™ XL2 portable metal analyzer

The metallurgical laboratory of Fonderia Di Lonato has acquired the Niton® XL2 portable X2 (XRF) Thermo Analyzer since the beginning of 2019, a useful tool that allows to carry out immediate elementary analysis of the materials on the physical composition in a quick and precise way giving us the data needed to proceed in the works.

This analyzer provides several advantages including portability and its use even in inaccessible areas, without being invasive on the material, communicating data to the laboratory with an interface via Serial – USB – Bluetooth.


Via Montebello, 7/9 
25017 Lonato del Garda 
Tel + 39 - 030 913 0164 
Fax + 39 - 030 991 3423

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