Foundry for industrial components, automotive, naval, airplane, kart racing sectors

Via Montebello, 7/9

25017 Lonato del Garda - BS

8:30 - 12:00 / 14:00 - 17:30

Monday to Friday


Fonderia di Lonato production is intended for the following sectors:

  • Automotive
  • Earth moving
  • Naval
  • Racing (kart racing and superbike)
  • industry (textile and machine tools)
  • Special castings production


Automotive and Earth moving equipment manufacturing:

The production of castings for the automotive and earth moving equipment includes items such as: four-stroke engine cylinder liners, cylinder gasoline and diesel engines, piston rings, ring carrier, sliders and stop rings for telescopic handlers, valve seats, valve guides, front seals.



Service offering:

We produce castings according to customer's design

We produce special materials and castings for customer designs in Shell Moulding Foundry and Centrifugal Foundry.

Shell moulding foundry

Pistons for diesel engines and air compressors
Cylinders for mini motorcycle and pinions

Shell moulding foundry

Various air and water cooled cylinders

Shell moulding foundry

Diesel engine piston
Material: ductile iron
Weight: 3 kg

Centrifugal foundry

Compression and oil scrapers rings

Centrifugal foundry

Cylinder liners and sleeves

Production for naval and aeronautical sector:

Pipes for the cylinder of four-stroke motors, anti polishing ring, elastic gaskets, piston skirts, ring carrier, valve seats, valve guides.


Shell moulding foundry

Cylinder Farymann, sectioned side head, cooling zone
Material: Pearlitic gray cast-iron
Weight: 1.5 kg

Centrifugal foundry

Slide and stop rings for hydraulic trailer cylinder

Shell moulding foundry

Valve guides for naval engines
Valve tappet for aircraft engines
Crankshaft for air compressors

Centrifugal foundry

Valve seat rings for industrial and naval engines

Centrifugal foundry

Marine Engine Piston Skirt
Material: cast-iron GJL200 or GJS700.2
Weight: 200 kg

Production for racing, kart and superbike sector:

Autoventilated brake discs, not autoventilated brake discs for kart, cylinder casings, cylinder barrels for two-stroke and four-stroke motors.

Production for industrial sector, special casts:

Cylinders for forge rolling, special antiwear casts for rolling machines (turning-oval, bended forms and plates), pump impellers, hangers support.


Shell moulding foundry

Cylinder for textile machinery: longitudinal section
Material: vermicular cast-iron
Weight: 5 kg

Shell moulding foundry

Piston head for recovering exhaust gas
Material: Ni-resist cast-iron
Weight: 0.6 kg

Shell moulding foundry

Hydraulic distributor
Material: vermicular cast-iron
Weight: 2 kg

Shell moulding foundry

Hydraulic pump impeller
Material: Ni-resist cast-iron
Weight: 5 kg

Shell moulding foundry

Guide support
Material: cast-iron
Weight: 1 kg

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