Foundry for industrial components, automotive, naval, airplane, kart racing sectors

Via Montebello, 7/9

25017 Lonato del Garda - BS

8:30 - 12:00 / 14:00 - 17:30

Da Lunedi a Venerdi

Foundry Departments

The Fonderia di Lonato consists of 5 departments divided as follows:

  • smelting furnaces Department
  • shell moulding casting Department
  • centrifugal casting Department
  • heat treatment Department
  • machining and surface finishes Department

Equipment of foundry Department

The smelting furnaces department consists of 4 induction furnaces, of which 2 are in high frequency with the metal capacity of 400 and 800 kg. and 2 furnaces in medium frequency, both with metal capacity of 1.500 kg. They allow us to produce different materials such as: cast irons, steels and special alloys based on Nickel, Chromium and Cobalt, for about 4.000 Ton. per year.

The shell moulding foundry department (Croning process) is equipped for the production of castings with variable weight from 0,2 kg to 40 kg. maximum. The process allows us to obtain blanks with very smooth surfaces, minimal blowholes and restricted tolerances.

The centrifugal foundry department is equipped with 10 centrifugal casting machines, they allow the production of centrifugally cast tubes with a diameter range from 60 to 1000 mm, lengths up to 2.500 mm and weights up to the maximum of 2.100 kg.


Equipment of heat treatment Department

The heat treatment department is equipped with 6 electric ovens, which allows for stress relief, annealing, hardening, tempering and age-hardening with maximum operating temperature of 1,100°C.

Equipment of mechanical processing and surface finish Department

The castings blanks have a rough surface. Therefore they go to the machining department to be subjected to surface finish by shot blasting and, when requested by the customer, even in a mechanical process with bandsaws ( cuttings ) and lathes for roughing and pre-finish.

From 2017 operate in this department divided into three areas:

  • 1 shot-blast unit
  • 2 robotized islands
  • 6 numerical control lathes
  • 3 parallel lathes
  • 10 bandsaws: 3 of which in the machining department and 7 in the cutting department.


Via Montebello, 7/9 
25017 Lonato del Garda 
Tel: +39 030 913 0164 
Fax + 39 - 030 991 3423