Foundry for industrial components, automotive, naval, airplane, kart racing sectors

Via Montebello, 7/9

25017 Lonato del Garda - BS

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Fonderia di Lonato Company originates in Lonato near the lake of Garda on an area of 12.000 sq.m. of which 4.000 sq.m. are built. The company was founded in 1975 with the name Profilfer spa producing castings of high-alloy steel, afterwards, thanks to the initiative of Colonel Pilot Luigi Gorlani, is transformed into a new reality, oriented at the production of components for endothermic engines.

1988Beginning of the investments

Starting from this date, in order to satisfy the market needs, the company begins to invest in the equipment, in the technologies and in the production of the materials, offering new semi-finished products.

1989Change of company name

Change of enterprise name: instead of Profilfer spa it becomes Fonderia di Lonato srl

1990Installation of the equipment for shell moulding and centrifuges

installation of new equipment for shell moulding and for centrifugal castings, to obtain cylinders liners and piston rings for original equipment ( O.E.M. ) and aftermarket ( A.M. )

1995New productions

Start the production of special casting in spheroidal, cast iron and austenitic, cast iron for piston rings and ring  carrier

2000New MHF electric furnaces

installation of new electric furnaces MHF and centrifugal casting machines for the production of large bore raw tubes (450 ÷ 600 mm) destined for the production of liners and pistons skirt for naval marine engines

2005Alloy-treated steels: new productions

Start new production of centrifugal-cast tubes in special alloy steel

2010New plants – new productions

Installation of two new medium-frequency electric furnace with capacity of 1.500 kg and start new production of centrifugal-cast tubes nickel based alloy.

2014Installation first furnace for Heat Treatment – installation of two new MHF furnaces

Installing the first electric furnace for Heat Treatment, operating in controlled atmosphere; power 80 kWh, load up to 2.000 kg. Installation of new MHF electric furnaces with capacity of 500 ÷ 800 kg. Also, installation of the first CNC lathe in machining department

2015 - 2016Installation of new equipment

Installation of two other new electric furnaces for heat treatment operating in controlled atmosphere; power 80 kWh, load up to 2.000 kg. Also, 1 shot-blast unit for surface finishing of row castings and other 3 CNC lathe in machining department.

2017Reorganization of Departments

In the year 2017 was implemented the reorganization of 5 departments:
Smelting furnaces Dept
Shell moulding casting Dept
Centrifugal casting Dept
Heat Treatment Dept
Machining and Surface finishes Dept

2020Department efficiency

Installation of Hánel Lean-Lift® automatic vertical warehouse

2022Department efficiency

Strengthening and division into 4 of the Quality Laboratories

2024Change of corporate name

Change of corporate name: Fonderia di Lonato srl Unipersonale

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