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Casting Simulation Service

Fonderia di Lonato carries out a casting simulation service upon its customers’ request. Casting simulation is a computer-aided operation which allows to simulate the performance of a specific casting process through the acquisition of the data concerning the final product, material, process and hands-on experience. Thanks to the casting simulation carried out using MAGMA® software the process can be completely controlled and improved until you obtain the best system performance.

Thanks to this software we can get a virtual product by evaluating its quality, performance and costs, eliminating waste of materials, energy and investment which was used in the traditional approach of the casting process based on empirical factors.

YouTube - Casting Simulation Service

Today the casting simulation is aimed at producing a good item, according to the specification, after the first trial, by reducing time and costs. At Fonderia di Lonato this is carried out above all thanks to the cooperation with the customer who is using our casting simulation service in order to maximize the product’s features even before obtaining the mould.

The virtual simulation allows to study temperatures, pressures, speed, turbulences, heat flows, solid fraction, solidification time, porosity, micro structural information, and therefore the residual stress level both with the rough casting and after thermal treatment; important data that contribute to support the analysis of the final element.

Advantages of the casting simulation service

  • general quality improvement of unrefined pieces
  • planning optimization and saving
  • production improvement
  • computation time reduction
  • production waste reduction
  • cost-effective

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